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Publications in Spanish and/or English:

Curandero (In English) (2016)
Endemic Birds of Cuba - A Comprehensive Field Guide (2015)
Aves Endémicas de Cuba - Guía de Campo (2015)
Baracoa . . . la de siempre - Antología Poética (2015)
Sabor de Baracoa: Su cocina tradicional (A Taste of Baracoa) (2012)
Baracoa: La Magia de Sus Pintores / The Painter's Magic (2009)
Curandero (In Spanish) (2011)
Baracoa a través de su historia urbana y arquitectónica (2011)
Baracoa región histórica en lo profundo y más oriental de Cuba (2011)
Las aventuras de Coto y Caty (2) (2011)
Las aventuras de Coto y Caty (2010)
Los Secretos del Parque (2010)
Coloreando mi mundo: Las Polimitas (2007)(2012)
Coloreando mi mundo: La Jutía (2010)
Coloreando mi mundo: El Manatí (2008)
Coloreando mi mundo: La Cotorra (2008)
Baracoa: Apuntes de su Historia y su Banda de Música (2006)
Baracoa: Where Cuba Begins (2001)
Miss Clancy (2011)

Curandero (In English) 2016

Curandero recounts stories and anecdotes, seemingly fantastic at times, which form a part of the local collective imagination of Baracoa, Cuba. It includes a detailed a glossary of common ailments and their cures.

This study, the fruit of 30 years of research, is perhaps the only written account of the historical evolution of Baracoan curanderismo from pre-Columbian times to the present.

Curandero is a vital testament of the magic, myths, witchcraft, spiritism, and herbal remedies of the oldest European settlements in Cuba, and for the first time this book is available in English.

ISBN 978-0-9716675-9-4

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Also available in Spanish see below

Víctor Oscar Pérez Rodríguez (Baracoa, 1948)

Autodidactic ethnologist and professor of literature and culture (retired)

Víctor's life work is dedicated to a thorough examination of the cultural roots of his people. He has published articles on such themes as street venders' cries and workers' songs in Baracoa: "Pregones de la Ciudad Primada" (1981) and "Seis cantos de trabajo en la Primera Villa de Cuba" (1983); as well as recorded life stories of popular local figures: "Caito" (1997) and "Vida y obra de un trovador popular" (1998).

His books include Canfínfora (2004); Ay cumbembé o Fiestas de santos en Baracoa (2009); and the Spanish edition of Curandero (2010). In 2015 three of his poems appeared in Baracoa . . . La de siempre: Antología poética, published by Ediciones Nuevos Mundos.

Víctor Oscar has several works in progress, including Eduardo Davidson: El creador de la Pachanga. He lives in Baracoa where he is highly respected as a poet and authority on local culture and traditions.

He is a member of Union Nacional de Historiadores de Cuba (UNHIC) (National Union of Cuban Historians) and of the Sociedad Cultural "José Martí."

Mildo Matos Carcasés (Baracoa, 1962)

Artist specializing in aboriginal themes

Mildo graduated as a Professor of Visual Arts in 1987 and earned an advanced degree in Art Education in 1993 from the Instituto Superior Pedagógico of Guantánamo.

His artistic work has gone through different creative stages: Erotic Landscapes; the L.Q.Q.D series; the Doors; Dialectic Interrelations; Indigenous Taíno Mythology; and his current period, Shamanic Visions.

Mildo has had many personal and collective exhibits, both national and international. In 2008 he was invited to present a personal exhibition "Enigma de la Pachamama" in The Guzmán Blanco de Antímano gallery in Caracas, Venezuela. In 2011, he participated in a collective, roving exhibition held in several important cities during the tournee "Luzo-Cubano" of Portugal. He was one of six Cuban participants in the Re-Art project (2013) in Cincinnati, Ohio. His works are found in private collections in different parts of the world. He created the cover art for the book Baracoa de Cuba: La Magia de sus Pintores (2009) of which he was one of the featured artists, and did the cover and illustrations for the Spanish edition of Curandero in 2010.

Mildo is the host of the ATABEY Community Project that takes place in his studio/gallery of the same name. He lives in Baracoa with his wife and children, two of whom paint with their father.

He is a member of the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC).

Endemic Birds of Cuba
A Comprehensive Field Guide
- including West Indian endemics residing in Cuba

by Nils Navarro.
168 pages (8.5" x 5.5") with original full color illustrations and photos by the author.
Separate Spanish and English editions.
Prologue by Dr. James W. Wiley.

ISBN 978-0-9909419-1-0

Purchase for $25 + $5 S/H within the US + $5 (optional) for special fund in support of Cuban biology students.

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Author's note:

The Cuban avifauna includes more than 370 species, with a high level of endemism, both local and regional. Considering the importance of endemics for the conservation of biodiversity, and thanks to the information gathered during the last ten years of field work in Cuba, I decided to produce a field guide focused on Cuban endemics. Field biologists and birdwatchers alike demand updated and accurate information, which led me to design a practical and novel structure for the book that allows the owner to update the information by writing their field notes in blank spaces included with the species descriptions, or simply by coloring the adjacent icons.

The 168 page full-color guide is divided into five chapters: general information about Cuba; species accounts; guide to habitats with photographs of the birds in their habitats; levels of threat; and finally, maps, datasheets and other novelties. The front and back covers of the book provide quick identification of endemic birds, and also function as an illustrated checklist. My original watercolor illustrations cover the 26 endemic species of Cuba as well as another 22 endemics of the West Indies that inhabit the archipelago.

Review by Donna Lynn Schulman, for 10,000 Birds.

". . . A rare field guide that is both practical and beautiful to behold! In our 20 years of birding in Cuba, we’ve sought a comprehensive guide to the islands remarkable birds that both informed and inspired. This dynamic resource is a result of many years of dedicated research, persistent determination, and artistic brilliance. Congratulations to Nils and the editors on a gem of a field guide!" Gary Markowski, Founder and Director, Caribbean Conservation Trust, Connecticut, USA.
". . . Nils Navarro has a combination of qualities that one does not find often in a single person: his intelligence, analytic capabilities, and field research join his passion for nature with his passion for art." Sixto Incháustegui
Regional representative to the United Nations for the Environment (UNDP)
Regional representative to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (INCN)
". . . For those who do not have the opportunity to see Cuba's remarkable avifauna in real life, Nils' work is a remarkable substitute . . ." Herbert Raffaele
Chief of International Conservation
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Arlington, VA
Author of the books: Birds of the West Indies, Wildlife of the Caribbean, and others.
". . . Nils is, without a doubt, one of the most hard-working and committed conservationists that I have met in the Caribbean. Nils is an extremely talented wildlife and nature artist. Recognizing that art has the capacity to inspire and touch the hearts of people, Nils has been using art to promote the conservation of birds and their habitats in Cuba and throughout the Caribbean region." Lisa G. Sorenson, Ph.D.
Adjunct profesor Boston University
President, BirdsCaribbean (formerly Society for the Conservation and Study of Caribbean Birds, SCSCB)
". . . Nils has a passion for his work, and that passion shines through in this book. Nils is not only an artist, but is also involved in conservation projects and programs throughout Cuba, and the entire Caribbean." Betty Petersen
Former Director
"Birders Exchange" a Program of the American Birding Association. USA
". . . Nils Navarro is an exceptionally skillful wildlife illustrator, whose work is based on a lifetime of field observations made throughout his native Cuba and, recently, in Hispaniola, Centralamerica and other Caribbean islands. His extensive and passionate observations of nature have allowed Nils to accurately illustrate innate behavior of his subjects in their natural environments . . . " Dr. James W. Wiley
Prof. University of Maryland, USA
Author of the book Field Guide to the Birds of the West Indies and former editor of Journal of Caribbean Ornithology
". . . In addition to his artistic talents, Nils is a dedicated field biologist whose studies and contributions to the biological community throughout the Caribbean region are well known. Nils has that rare combination of talent, sensitivity, and warmth of personality that practically make him a national treasure!" Wayne R. Petersen, Director
Massachusetts Important Bird Areas (IBA) Program
Mass Audubon
". . . Undoubtedly Nils Navarro's knowledge of the Cuban and the Caribbean fauna in general is impressive. His eyes instantly dissect any plant or animal, only to re-compose it magically on paper." Eladio Fernández
Caribbean Nature Photography
Author of Orquídeas de la Hispaniola y Ébano Verde
Dominican Republic
". . . Nils Navarro is an exceptional biologist, illustrator, write, researcher and field investigator. His work is comprehensive and educational. He is dedicated to the understanding of the full life cycle of each species he studies and illustrates. He has been involved with many expeditions to locate rare endemic species such as the Cuban Kite, thought to be extirpated from the wilds of Cuba. In 2009 Nils received a Rufford Grant to develop a community program that would deter the illegal trapping and trafficking of wild birds in Gibara, a pennisula that is a funnel for migratory birds. During his tenure with the Natural History Museum in Holguin he prepared fabulous exhibits regarding endangered snails and other specimens and also taught scientific illustration to future bioligists. His illustrations are perfect replicas of the flora and fauna as they appear in nature. His many years of field experience provide him with an accurate eye for creating an extraordinary representation of nature. His enthusiasm and creativity make him a delight to be around . . ." Joni Ellis
Director, "Optics for the Tropics"
". . . He expertly blends into this book the true nature of his Caribbean subjects with his vast knowledge and first hand experience of birds: where they live, what they eat, how they hunt, etc." Margie Bawer
Agricultural Attaché for Domenican Republic, Haiti and Jamaica
US Embassy, DR

Baracoa . . . la de siempre - Antología Poética

An illustrated anthology of poetry from Baracoa
complied by Liana López Terrero and Sandra Rubio Oliveros.
160 pages (6" x 9"). Spanish language.
Baracoa . . . la de siempre es un viejo anhelo que se materializa con la voluntad de un grupo de intelectuales liderados por dos de sus hijas: Liana López y Sandra Rubio.

La concepción del verso de las viejas y nuevas generaciones definen las dos partes del libro: Voces que ya no están , dedicada a los poetas ausentes físicamente y que contribuyeron con su quehacer lírico a sembrar un camino digno de este género, y Los que aquí estamos, panorámica del actual contexto poético en Baracoa. Un recorrido por la cosmogonía de los cultivadores del verso, visto por generaciones de baracoenses, es ilustrado en el presente volumen por varias obras de artistas de la plástica que también hacen poesía con sus trazos. Todos llenan estas páginas con un propósito común: hacernos cómplices de esa magia escondida entre los espejos de agua del Toa y las leyendas que habitan sus orillas. Susurro que en las tardes grises llega con la lluvia desde el mar hasta los montes.

En sus composiciones encontramos un abanico de caminos, con diferentes texturas temáticas; emociones indetenibles pasan por sus voces: la madre, el amor, los amigos, la naturaleza y esa nostalgia perenne por el amado terruño, dejando el alma en sus versos.

- Xenia Olga Noa Castro

ISBN 978-0-9716675-9-4

Purchase for $20 + $5 S/H within the US.

Sabor de Baracoa: Su cocina traditional, by Inalvis Gilbeaux (Taste of Baracoa) ISBN 9780971667587
© 2012 Printed in Canada by Transcontinental

LIMITED Spanish language edition, 136 pages, 8 1/2" x 11", over 300 color illustrations.
Sample pages (4.9MB PDF)

Photography: Jehovanny Rodríguez Sanamé
Additional photography: Julio Larramendi, Pepe Nieto.

Paintings and illustrations: Luis Eliades Rodríguez, Osmany Piedra, Guillermo Piedra, Roel Caboverde, Rafael Andrés Cruzata, Rolando Estévez, Over Luis Monje, Mildo Matos, Densy Gaínza, Lawrence Zúñiga.

Taste and Memory: a Culture (by Miguel Angel Castro Machado):
At the eastern tip of the Cuban archipelago lies the first colonial settlement: Baracoa. Squeezed between mountains and the sea, Baracoa, in Arawak, means "existence of the sea".
The Baracoans contribute their finest dishes to the Cuban cuisine, including delicious sweets of the most authentic deserts. Their unique ingredient is coconut, which in seafood, fish, and exotic vegetables, creates delicacies for discerning tastes. A Taste of Baracoa, by historian and expert on Caribbean cooking, Inalvis Guilbeaux, delivers in full. In addition, the book is an eloquent, visual delight with the participation of outstanding local artists, giving full dimension to the axiom "food enters through our eyes". Jehovanny Rodriguez's photography has ingeniously captured the succulence of food from the perfect angle.
Memory, taste, and knowledge of the art of the stove give the text a totality of traditional Baracoan cuisine in the form of recipes and cooking rituals replete with anecdotes, vendors' cries, and local sayings: a completely unique culture wrapped in the core values of the Cuban identity.

Available for purchase for $30 + $5 S/H.


Baracoa de Cuba
La Magia de Sus Pintores / The Painter's Magic

Finally, we have a comprehensive study of the outstanding artists of the magical town of Baracoa, the oldest colonial settlement on the island of Cuba. Established in 1511, Baracoa was Cuba’s first religious and administrative center. During its long history, a unique artistic tradition developed that is greatly influenced by the clash and eventual melding of the Taíno, European, and African cultures, along with the constant presence of the exuberant natural beauty of the area.

Authors: Elexis Jesús Fernández Rubio Navarro and Rosendo Romero Suárez
Introduction: Alejandro Hartmann, Historian of Baracoa
Foreword: Rafael Acosta de Arriba, President, Cuban Art Council, retired
Director of Photography: Julio Larramendi
Design: Pepe Nieto
Editors and translation: Kathleen Hennessey and Soledad Pagliuca

Spanish/English limited edition; 112 pages, 105 full color illustrations, soft cover
Publication date: August 1, 2009;
ISBN 978-097-1667-52-5

This Spanish/English publication, with beautiful full-color illustrations, details the evolution of Baracoa’s contemporary art movement, and at the same time vividly displays the unique Baracoan style of painting, inspired by nature, legend and myth. The first section of The Painter’s Magic briefly traces the evolution of local painting from the pre-Colombian period to the present time.
The second part of the book presents some of Baracoa's most prominent contemporary artists. The high quality reproductions of each individual's work are complemented with personal commentaries by the artists about their painting styles and artistic influences. The carefully woven biographical material helps to illustrate how this school of art is inspired by Hispano-African-Caribbean legends and myths, by the city itself, and also by the many natural wonders that surround Baracoa. This charming coastal town, nestled against a backdrop of magnificent mountains, has given birth to a decisive Baracoan artistic identity and to a profound sense of the Artist being an integral element of this magical world.

Special offer: $25.00 + $5.00.

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For a limited time you will have the opportunity to purchase paintings by the artists present in this book:

See Art from Baracoa
See Review by Peter Janssen of The Netherlands
See Review by Terry O'Neil, St. Paul, MN.

Curandero (In Spanish)

A significant anthropological study by well known Cuban author Victor Oscar Perez on the myths, legends, magic, witchcraft, midwifery and popular remedies of the Baracoa region. His primary inspiration comes from healers that have passed away.

Written in a universal language, Curandero presents us with stories that sometimes appear fantastical and anecdotal, but they are a part of the popular imagination.

Color illustrations by Baracoan artist Mildo Matos Carcasés, who specializes in aboriginal themes. Curandero reveals "natural" traditions and allows us to enter into a world where magic and reality meet joyfully in the streets and in the homes of Baracoan healers.

Limited edition. Full color illustrations. Spanish language.
Updated English edition now available!

ISBN 978-0-9716675-5-6

Available for purchase for $20 + $5 S/H.
Also available in English see above

Baracoa a través de su historia urbana y arquitectónica

Interest in Baracoa, Cuba's first colonial settlement, starts with the richness of its vernacular heritage, which is also curiously saturated with a Caribbean influence and the cultural mixture of native inhabitants with the Spanish, African and Creole, that which is essentially Baracoan and Cuban.

The reader will not regret approaching this necessary book, in which authors Enrique Floirián and Fabián Machado search through their colonial roots to find aboriginal influences in architecture and customs. They discuss in detail the military defense system, the evolution of the city, the use of local construction materials such as wood and palm, and the presence of styles such as art deco', modernism and eclecticism.

Fully illustrated in color with photographs, drawings and digital recreations.

The book won First Mention in a national competition for publications on Cuban architecture.

In Spanish.

ISBN 978-0-9716675-6-3
Available for $25

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Baracoa región histórica en lo profundo y más oriental de Cuba

ISBN 978-0-9716675-7-0

Available for purchase for $15 + $5 S/H.

Las aventuras de Coto y Caty

Two lovely coloring books about a family of Cuban parrots who run into serious problems, first of all with the housing shortage.

In the second book of the series, crisis erupts when the young ones are captured by the bad hunter who tries to reduce them to spending the rest of their lives in a cage by selling them illegally.

The stories teach conservation and nourishment of our natural patrimony and problem solving through conflict resolution.

$10 each

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Los Secretos del Parque

In the extreme northeastern part of Cuba lies such a unique area that in 2001 it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

In this precious jewel of nature, one can find exuberant tropical forests with thousands of unique species, outstanding scenery, and a population that loves their surroundings. The Alejandro de Humboldt National Park is one of the most important protected areas in the Antilles for the conservation of biodiversity, water, soil and other natural resources.

This book, for children of all ages, highlights some of the Park's best and least known secrets.

It is illustrated with original water-color paintings by Baracoan artist, Abel Lobaina.

ISBN 978-0-9716675-4-9
Available for purchase for $20 + $5 S/H.

Coloreando mi mundo: Las Polimitas

The first of a series of Spanish language coloring books about Cuba's endangered species.

ISBN 978-987-23188-7-1 (Second Edition)

Available for purchase for $10 + $5 S/H.

Coloreando mi mundo: La Jutía

The fourth in a series of Spanish language coloring books about Cuba's endangered species, it features a charming over-sized, friendly rodent who is as charming as he is delicious.

ISBN 978-0-9716675-3-2

Available for purchase for $10

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Coloreando mi mundo: El Manati

The third of a series of Spanish language coloring books about Cuba's endangered species.

ISBN 978-097-1667-51-8

Available for purchase for $10 + $5 S/H.

Coloreando mi mundo: La Cotorra

The second of a series of Spanish language coloring books about Cuba's endangered species.

ISBN 978-987-1414-07-9

Available for purchase for $10 + $5 S/H.




On the occasion of the celebration of the 495th anniversary of the founding of Baracoa, August 15, 2006,  the St. Augustine-Baracoa Friendship Association is pleased to announce the publishing of the book, Baracoa: Apuntes sobre su Historia y su Banda de Musica, by Elexis Jesus Fernandez Rubio Navarro. 

This edition reflects the love and tenderness that Elexis feels for his home and his people.We recognize his dedication to the conservation of the historical moments which help complete the mosaic of the culture of this lovely place called Baracoa.

This limited edition book, published in Argentina in August, 2006, is in Spanish with black and white photographs.

Published in 2001, the book presents a unique view of the small, isolated town of Baracoa, located on the north-eastern coast of Cuba.

It is a loving, poetic portrayal of the friendly people, the eclectic architecture, the vibrant art and the lush tropical environment as related by poet and historian Miguel Angel Castro Machado.

Miguel Castro is a native Baracoan who guides his reader through the wondrous natural splendor of this area with such vivid descriptions that one can feel the dripping tropics and visualize the myriad colors of this delightful haven.


c.jpg - 22362 Bytes

p.jpg - 18834 Bytes

The 96-page book contains over 80 beautiful, full-color photographs and illustrations by accomplished Baracoan artists and several world renowned travel photographers.

The chapters are accompanied by poems or quotes from enthralled intellectual personalities (Martí, Augier, Carpentier, Romero, etc) who extol the delights of this not-so-sleepy Cuban town.

ISBN 0-9716675-0-0
Library of Congress Control Number: 2001098941

This limited English edition is available for $20 + $5 S/H.

Miss Clancy - un evangelio vivo

Available for purchase for $10

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