Curandero (In Spanish)

A significant anthropological study by well known Cuban author Victor Oscar Perez on the myths, legends, magic, witchcraft, midwifery and popular remedies of the Baracoa region. His primary inspiration comes from healers that have passed away.

Written in a universal language, Curandero presents us with stories that sometimes appear fantastical and anecdotal, but they are a part of the popular imagination.

Color illustrations by Baracoan artist Mildo Matos Carcasés, who specializes in aboriginal themes. Curandero reveals “natural” traditions and allows us to enter into a world where magic and reality meet joyfully in the streets and in the homes of Baracoan healers.

Limited edition. Full color illustrations.

Spanish edition – SOLD OUT

Updated English edition now available!

ISBN 978-0-9716675-5-6 <


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