A Comprehensive Field Guide – including West Indian endemics residing in Cuba

by Nils Navarro.
168 pages (8.5″ x 5.5″) with original full color illustrations and photos by the author.
Separate Spanish and English editions.
Prologue by Dr. James W. Wiley.

ISBN 978-0-9909419-1-0
Limited copies available through Amazon


Author’s note:

The Cuban avifauna includes more than 370 species, with a high level of endemism, both local and regional. Considering the importance of endemics for the conservation of biodiversity, and thanks to the information gathered during the last ten years of field work in Cuba, I decided to produce a field guide focused on Cuban endemics. Field biologists and birdwatchers alike demand updated and accurate information, which led me to design a practical and novel structure for the book that allows the owner to update the information by writing their field notes in blank spaces included with the species descriptions, or simply by coloring the adjacent icons.

The 168 page full-color guide is divided into five chapters: general information about Cuba; species accounts; guide to habitats with photographs of the birds in their habitats; levels of threat; and finally, maps, datasheets and other novelties. The front and back covers of the book provide quick identification of endemic birds, and also function as an illustrated checklist. My original watercolor illustrations cover the 26 endemic species of Cuba as well as another 22 endemics of the West Indies that inhabit the archipelago.

Review by Donna Lynn Schulman, for 10,000 Birds.

“. . . A rare field guide that is both practical and beautiful to behold! In our 20 years of birding in Cuba, we’ve sought a comprehensive guide to the islands remarkable birds that both informed and inspired. This dynamic resource is a result of many years of dedicated research, persistent determination, and artistic brilliance. Congratulations to Nils and the editors on a gem of a field guide!” Gary Markowski, Founder and Director, Caribbean Conservation Trust, Connecticut, USA.
“. . . Nils Navarro has a combination of qualities that one does not find often in a single person: his intelligence, analytic capabilities, and field research join his passion for nature with his passion for art.” Sixto Incháustegui
Regional representative to the United Nations for the Environment (UNDP)
Regional representative to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (INCN)
“. . . For those who do not have the opportunity to see Cuba’s remarkable avifauna in real life, Nils’ work is a remarkable substitute . . .” Herbert Raffaele
Chief of International Conservation
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Arlington, VA
Author of the books: Birds of the West Indies, Wildlife of the Caribbean, and others.
“. . . Nils is, without a doubt, one of the most hard-working and committed conservationists that I have met in the Caribbean. Nils is an extremely talented wildlife and nature artist. Recognizing that art has the capacity to inspire and touch the hearts of people, Nils has been using art to promote the conservation of birds and their habitats in Cuba and throughout the Caribbean region.” Lisa G. Sorenson, Ph.D.
Adjunct profesor Boston University
President, BirdsCaribbean (formerly Society for the Conservation and Study of Caribbean Birds, SCSCB)
“. . . Nils has a passion for his work, and that passion shines through in this book. Nils is not only an artist, but is also involved in conservation projects and programs throughout Cuba, and the entire Caribbean.” Betty Petersen
Former Director
“Birders Exchange” a Program of the American Birding Association. USA
“. . . Nils Navarro is an exceptionally skillful wildlife illustrator, whose work is based on a lifetime of field observations made throughout his native Cuba and, recently, in Hispaniola, Centralamerica and other Caribbean islands. His extensive and passionate observations of nature have allowed Nils to accurately illustrate innate behavior of his subjects in their natural environments . . . “ Dr. James W. Wiley
Prof. University of Maryland, USA
Author of the book Field Guide to the Birds of the West Indies and former editor of Journal of Caribbean Ornithology
“. . . In addition to his artistic talents, Nils is a dedicated field biologist whose studies and contributions to the biological community throughout the Caribbean region are well known. Nils has that rare combination of talent, sensitivity, and warmth of personality that practically make him a national treasure!” Wayne R. Petersen, Director
Massachusetts Important Bird Areas (IBA) Program
Mass Audubon
“. . . Undoubtedly Nils Navarro’s knowledge of the Cuban and the Caribbean fauna in general is impressive. His eyes instantly dissect any plant or animal, only to re-compose it magically on paper.” Eladio Fernández
Caribbean Nature Photography
Author of Orquídeas de la Hispaniola y Ébano Verde
Dominican Republic
“. . . Nils Navarro is an exceptional biologist, illustrator, write, researcher and field investigator. His work is comprehensive and educational. He is dedicated to the understanding of the full life cycle of each species he studies and illustrates. He has been involved with many expeditions to locate rare endemic species such as the Cuban Kite, thought to be extirpated from the wilds of Cuba. In 2009 Nils received a Rufford Grant to develop a community program that would deter the illegal trapping and trafficking of wild birds in Gibara, a pennisula that is a funnel for migratory birds. During his tenure with the Natural History Museum in Holguin he prepared fabulous exhibits regarding endangered snails and other specimens and also taught scientific illustration to future bioligists. His illustrations are perfect replicas of the flora and fauna as they appear in nature. His many years of field experience provide him with an accurate eye for creating an extraordinary representation of nature. His enthusiasm and creativity make him a delight to be around . . .” Joni Ellis
Director, “Optics for the Tropics”
“. . . He expertly blends into this book the true nature of his Caribbean subjects with his vast knowledge and first hand experience of birds: where they live, what they eat, how they hunt, etc.” Margie Bawer
Agricultural Attaché for Domenican Republic, Haiti and Jamaica
US Embassy, DR

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