Annotated Checklist of the Birds of Cuba (2022 Edition, number 5)

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An annual publication that grew from the need to provide updated information about changes that have affected birds registered in the Cuban archipelago.

Development of new techniques in molecular studies, new interpretations of speciation and evolutionary phenomena have also emerged, considerably modifying the traditional way of viewing ornithology and resulting in rapid changes in taxonomy and systematics, often beyond what we can assimilate through the normal flow of information.

In addition, the growing demand for bird-watching tourism on the island and the implementation of monitoring programs of migratory species are contributing to an increase in the number of previously unregistered species entering the list every year. Furthermore, the influence of climate change is producing altered patterns of migratory movements in many species.

Our main objective is to provide up-to-date annual listings of Cuban birds, including reference information on each new report and general statistics about Cuban birdlife, and to serve as a reference platform for ornithological studies in the country. It is our responsibility to make this publication accessible to the community of local ornithologists and to the institutions involved in the conservation and study of Cuban birds.

The 2022, fifth edition of the Checklist contains the most recently updated list of Cuban birds.

Important note: this publication is not intended to be a field identification guide. It is a CHECKLIST, updated in accordance with the 61th supplement of AOS.

74 pages

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