BARACOA Y SU ARTESANÍA: reflejo de su entorno natural

168-pages, Spanish language, color illustrations.

Noelvis Pérez Morales takes us into the world of crafts, revealing socio-cultural ties built over the five hundred and ten years of the former “Our Lady of the Assumption of Baracoa”, today known as Baracoa.

Of particular interest are the testimonies. With them, the text acquires a voice and with anecdotes about  family habits, where cultural practices are strongly rooted in the fabric of the community.

With the testimonies come the images of artist/photographer Jehovanny Sanamé: varied, polychromatic, authentic. They complement Baracoa and its crafts: the combination of the visual with the text contributes to our understanding of this unique culture, enriches our knowledge of a city of major significance for the history of Cuba and paves the way to formally designating Baracoa a Creative City of the Crafts!


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