Baracoa de Cuba: La Magia de Sus Pintores / The Painter’s Magic

Finally, we have a comprehensive study of the outstanding artists of the magical town of Baracoa, the oldest colonial settlement on the island of Cuba. Established in 1511, Baracoa was Cuba’s first religious and administrative center. During its long history, a unique artistic tradition developed that is greatly influenced by the clash and eventual melding of the Taíno, European, and African cultures, along with the constant presence of the exuberant natural beauty of the area.

Authors: Elexis Jesús Fernández Rubio Navarro and Rosendo Romero Suárez
Introduction: Alejandro Hartmann, Historian of Baracoa
Foreword: Rafael Acosta de Arriba, President, Cuban Art Council, retired
Director of Photography: Julio Larramendi
Design: Pepe Nieto
Editors and translation: Kathleen Hennessey and Soledad Pagliuca

Spanish/English limited edition; 112 pages, 105 full color illustrations, soft cover
Publication date: August 1, 2009
ISBN 978-097-1667-52-5

This bilingual Spanish/English publication, with beautiful full-color illustrations, details the evolution of Baracoa’s contemporary art movement, and at the same time vividly displays the unique Baracoan style of painting, inspired by nature, legend and myth. The first section of The Painter’s Magic briefly traces the evolution of local painting from the pre-Colombian period to the present time.

The second part of the book presents some of Baracoa’s most prominent contemporary artists. The high quality reproductions of each individual’s work are complemented with personal commentaries by the artists about their painting styles and artistic influences. The carefully woven biographical material helps to illustrate how this school of art is inspired by Hispano-African-Caribbean legends and myths, by the city itself, and also by the many natural wonders that surround Baracoa. This charming coastal town, nestled against a backdrop of magnificent mountains, has given birth to a decisive Baracoan artistic identity and to a profound sense of the Artist being an integral element of this magical world.

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Paintings by some of the artists present in this book are available for purchase in the United States. Please contact for more information.
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