Sabor de Baracoa: su cocina tradicional

Sabor de Baracoa: Su cocina tradicional, by Inalvis Gilbeaux (Taste of Baracoa) ISBN 9780971667587
© 2012 Printed in Canada by Transcontinental

LIMITED Spanish language edition, 136 pages, 8 1/2″ x 11″, over 300 color illustrations.
Sample pages (4.9MB PDF)

Photography: Jehovanny Rodríguez Sanamé
Additional photography: Julio Larramendi, Pepe Nieto.

Paintings and illustrations: Luis Eliades Rodríguez, Osmany Piedra, Guillermo Piedra, Roel Caboverde, Rafael Andrés Cruzata, Rolando Estévez, Over Luis Monje, Mildo Matos, Densy Gaínza, Lawrence Zúñiga.

Taste and Memory: a Culture (by Miguel Angel Castro Machado):
At the eastern tip of the Cuban archipelago lies the first colonial settlement: Baracoa. Squeezed between mountains and the sea, Baracoa, in Arawak, means “existence of the sea”.
The Baracoans contribute their finest dishes to the Cuban cuisine, including delicious sweets of the most authentic deserts. Their unique ingredient is coconut, which in seafood, fish, and exotic vegetables, creates delicacies for discerning tastes. A Taste of Baracoa, by historian and expert on Caribbean cooking, Inalvis Guilbeaux, delivers in full. In addition, the book is an eloquent, visual delight with the participation of outstanding local artists, giving full dimension to the axiom “food enters through our eyes”. Jehovanny Rodriguez’s photography has ingeniously captured the succulence of food from the perfect angle.
Memory, taste, and knowledge of the art of the stove give the text a totality of traditional Baracoan cuisine in the form of recipes and cooking rituals replete with anecdotes, vendors’ cries, and local sayings: a completely unique culture wrapped in the core values of the Cuban identity.



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